My name is Janessa Rauch and I am a registered nurse, nurse coach, mama, wife, sister, daughter, friend, and fellow human! I have immersed myself in the science of Lifestyle Medicine and art of Self-Care.

I have 12 years experience as a nurse and am currently working towards my Masters in Nursing. My professional background experience ranges from a 10-year fulfilling career in pediatric oncology, cancer camp nursing, corporate health screening, child & adolescent mental health, and as a sessional instructor for undergraduate nurses here in Calgary.

I am excited to share what I have learned with you!

what changed for me?

I decided…

I decided that I wanted to stand up to a healthcare system that is seriously flawed.

I decided that I wanted to be a proactive, rather than reactive nurse.

I decided that I wasn’t okay with feeling drained and burnt out.

I decided to take care of myself as much as I was taking care of my patients.

I decided to walk the talk.

I decided to stop complaining and to start the conversation.

let’s be proactive, not reactive

The Nurse Coach is an accumulation of the personal & professional development work I have personally engaged in over the last 7 years which has allowed me to become happier, healthier and more balanced woman that I am today (even though I believe balance is like a mythical unicorn, beautiful yet not real).

When I fully began to understood how all encompassing (in the best way possible) taking care of my health & wellness in a holistic manner could be I experienced a mindset shift that has been the catalyst for how I live my life today.

I believe that living a proactive lifestyle is the best way to fight back against the reactive lifestyle related diagnoses that so many of us are faced with as we age.

who are my clients?

Individuals who have been diagnosed with a lifestyle related illness, who are ready to make changes in their life through lifestyle modification.

So often we are told that we have been diagnosed with _______ (<—insert lifestyle related disease here), and that we need to adopt a healthier lifestyle. We are told to lose weight, exercise more, sleep better, minimize stress, and do less. But there isn’t time for more advice or direction on how to do these things. As a Registered Nurse / Nurse Coach I can work with you to co-create a plan of action based on your needs, past history, and goals so that you can take charge of your health.

Nurses and healthcare professionals ready to rediscover why they went into the profession in the first place and how they can rekindle that passion as a healthcare professional.

As a Registered Nurse / Nurse Coach, I co-collaborate with nurses and other caring professionals to build a solid foundation exploring why we need to be engaging in self-care. The work we do often leads to burnout and stress. I promise this isn’t a generic self-care formula where I will tell you to take a bubble bath and have a glass wine, instead we will work together to design a lifestyle that focuses on what matters the most to you.

Community and Workplace Wellness services delivering lunch & learns, workshops, coaching on health and wellness, professional self-care, and lifestyle strategies in the workplace.

Make holistic health part of the culture, by adding an onsite Registered Nurse / Nurse Coach to your day to day or to your annual staff retreat. I specialize in lifestyle strategies to improve the overall holistic health of your employees.

Consultations on medical processes, summer camp healthcare, form and documentation creation, and seasonal on-call contracts for summer camps.

Looking for help to update and streamline your current processes? Working with a Registered Nurse / Nurse Coach who understands the importance of clear and easy to implement processes can enhance communication amongst your healthcare employees and decrease the potential for error.