Workplace Wellness

Make holistic health part of the culture by including a Registered Nurse / Nurse Coach into the everyday needs of your organization, or your annual staff retreat / wellness day.

I am passionate about the introduction of lifestyle strategies to improve the overall holistic health of your community or employees.

Imagine everyone full of energy and thriving in their professional & personal life!

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The Nurse Coach will work with you to help determine the health & wellness needs of your organization and share strategies on how to meet the needs of the organization and improve overall employee health.

The 12 Week Lifestyle Reboot workshop series focuses on healthy habits that can be incorporated into both the personal and professional lives of your employees. These interactive and engaging 45-60 minute workshops will equip employees with information, tips, strategies and the skills needed to evoke lifestyle changes and make healthy choices in the areas of relationships, nutrition, sleep hygiene, mindfulness, exercise, self-care, and stress management. This program was developed based on a Lifestyle Medicine model.

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Nurse Coaching

It’s time to start investing in yourself & your employees. Reach health & wellness goals with individualized Nurse Coaching.

One-to-one sessions with a Nurse Coach focuses on identifying your health goals and turning them into action.

Each coaching conversation leads to incremental adjustments to improve overall health and wellness as well as increase vitality and focus at work and at home

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Programs & Services

  • Sleep Hygiene

  • Growth Mindset Building

  • Intuitive Mindful Eating

  • Improve mental Resilience

  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

  • 12 Week Self-Care Reboot

  • Mindfulness & Stress Reduction

  • Structuring a Wellness Program

  • Establishing a Wellness HUB in the workplace.

  • Have something else in mind? Lets make it work!