self-care starts with understanding your core values & beliefs

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let’s be selfish…

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Can I tell you a secret?

I hate the term self-care

In all honesty it makes my skin crawl when I hear someone say “i need me some self-care”, as if it’s this crazy new technique that has been developed as a magic cure or antidote to the busy and often overwhelming world we live in. It’s so much more than a one time treat, or a once in a while practice that we do when we’ve reached our breaking point…but more on that later!

But, alas until I find a term that best describes what self-care means to me, its what I will use…for now.


Often we think manicures & massages when talking about self-care, and while those things are super relaxing and fun, they don’t necessarily help you in your every day life.

I can help you get in touch with your core values, identify your needs, draw boundaries where necessary and get the hell out of your own way when you get stuck in your story, because that my friend is what true self-care looks like.

I can help you define & practice #selfcare.